maya jo

maya jo is the prettiest, smartest, loving person you will ever meet. she will always light up your day when you’re sad. her sense of humor is out of this world! she can be so random at times, but n-body cares because she’s special and is hard to keep. maya jo is majestically amazing in so many ways, i really think she can fly…she just doesn’t know it yet. she can teach you so much that will leave you speechless. at times maya jo can be sad (like everyone) but when she is, you can’t tell (only her best friend can because she’s magic) because she’s always happy. one thing you have to realize is that when you become besties with a maya jo, when she’ll get bored she will never stop bugging you, but we don’t mind…she’s someone that will make you so happy. her parents are hard on her, and expect the best from her… she can do it, but most of the time she feels lackadaisical towards that fact that they think she’s someone that she’s not. maya jo is magic, and is someone you will keep because if you let her go, you will turn into a chiggen. might i add she is phanominol at art.
person: omg dude i just saw a cat running with a bush

other person: dude you’re being such a maya jo right now.😂

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