getting on your knees and sucking your way to the top
how did mark get lead? gives mayojobs to the boss every morning.

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  • thomas chafin

    a person that is successful and talented. also comes from a long line of ancestors. man i wish my name was thomas chafin.

  • cropchop

    when someone crops you out of a photo. ‘mate, you’ve been cropchopped’ ‘gonna have to cropchop yash, don’t want to be seen with that nerdlinger’

  • hoop over

    whoopin someone in basketball so well that they are basically 4 ft while you are 6 ft. david got h-lla hooped over. i can hoop over you.

  • dutch f*cker

    a pr-ck. typically dutch christian reformed. i gave her the dutch f-cker. she was not enthused. needless to say, it’s over.

  • alphabecide

    the act of murdering your opponent in a word duel or game such as words with friends, scrabble, or boggle. kent-i challenge you to a game of words with friends kat-ok, but you should know i’m gonna alphabecide you and they’ll never find the body! kent-why you always talking sh-t when you know my vocab […]

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