a maztunique is an anime lover, she is sympathetic when she sees she needs to be, she’s a bit clumsy at times and a great friend everyone loves being around maztunique (aka tique or mazzy)
maztunique is the life of the party

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  • vaikattack

    when you sneak up behind someone and suck their d-ck from the back. did you see that b-tch vaikattack my cousin? he didn’t see her coming until he was c-mming!

  • heart fart

    when you have a crush on a girl/or guy, then realize how completely wrong you were, and slap yourself for even thinking about being with them. a false crush. ken liked sandra yesterday, but after spending the day with her, he realized he was just having a heart fart.

  • wanna run twos

    refers to the action of splitting the cost of a big meal in pairs of two’s. that’s a little expensive man, you guy’s wanna run two’s?

  • ezhanna

    (noun) pretty lady with big nose; scream every half an hour; but don’t really do her work (synonyms) unicorn; bridget jones (antonyms) hardwork, determination here comes ezhanna! i’m in ezhanna mood! back off!

  • catching a z

    meaning going to sleep or sleeping sam ” hey man, where have you been?” jack ” sorry man i was catching a z”

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