my best wishes.
happy holidays, i love you, thanks for everything mbw!
masturbating behind the wheel meaning while you are driving, you are jacking off.
that man who stopped at the red light winked at me so i blew him a kiss back. when he drove off i realized he was mbw-ing.

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  • nic nox

    what you call tic-tac’s when your drunk. hey dude you got anymore of those nic nox, my breath smells like the door handle on a tuna boat.

  • Rule 98

    if at first you don’t succeed, kill the guy who did. jim: “he took my ex’s virginity!” dave: ‘rule 98 him.”

  • Running the Wheel

    being so busy that you don’t have time to stop to breathe and enjoy your life. “sarah is running the wheel so much that she’ll have a heart attack before she is 30.” “you’re on the fast track to a corner office if you keep running the wheel.”

  • Run some dukes

    to have s-x yo, i’m gonna bring this chick upstairs and run some dukes.

  • run tings proper

    to come correct. when you have things under control in your life, and people can plainly see you have. to do things correctly, exactly how its properly done. “you better come correct cus i run tings proper” “these beats sound dope” “yeah, we run tings propa grimey round here”

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