loving s-xy and hot
ur such a mcharding

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  • johnny moore

    a person who goes up to people randomly and punches or hits them for no reason. also have no concept of social situations. man, that kid is such a johnny moore.

  • nyn

    abreviation for no your not him: kms her: nyn

  • suehaylaah

    someone who is rapped out, down for whatever, outstandingly beautiful, a real life soul and daddy sn-tched… always been about them pesos so n-gg- where daxash at??? alot if females are very shy then there are some who are so suehaylaah.

  • what has my life come to

    that thought that runs through your mind as you are vigorously masturbating your microp-n-s to a weird hentai video or other obscene p-rnography, while your seven chins shine with all the sweat you have built up, that makes you stop stoking it and weep to yourself while contemplating suicide. during his 7th j.o. session to […]

  • getting coned

    to be s-xually -ssaulted in the rear getting coned- to be s-xuall -ssulted in the rear by a p-n-s

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