a strawberry lookin -ss with abs and amazing eyes who thinks he is the sh-t and is so full of him self and thinks the world revolves around him who everyone falls for even though he isn’t hot and he just knows how to get under ur skin and make u like him and u can’t get away he stays in ur head forever and he will never really commit to u he will lie and promise things to u that u will believe even though it won’t ever happen and u know his past going into the relationship that he doesn’t have the best track record but u still go for it cause u think he will change even though in the end he doesn’t ever change and he still will be stuck in ur head even though u hate him and he uses things against u and is very dramatic
girl 1: hey did u see that guy over there, i can’t get him out of my head

girl 2: ya that’s mckittrick i wouldn’t start with him it’s not worth it
girl 3: ya he’s such a d-ck, don’t ever trust him, he lies all the time

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