1)the correct value of the quantum mechanic variable “psi”; useful in describing everything about a electron
2)the correct answers on a test; a guaranteed 100%
3)a from of transportation; a trucking company
4)a term to describe a electronic engineer
5)a term to describe a leadership figure
6)an anti force capable of stopping an unstoppable force; only known force that can stop a mongeni
7)a unit of measurement; 1 mclain= 9.9×10^(9.9×10^(9.9×10^(9.9×10^(9.9×10^(9.9×10^(… mongeni; 1wilson = 1mclain; 1hill = 1mclain.
8)a set of rules applied in math; a mclain cannot be added or multiplied by a mongeni however a mongeni can be divided or subtracted by a mclain. a mclain cannot be subtracted or divided by a wilson however a wilson can be added or multiplied by a mclain.
1)the electron is at mclain position
2)you have a mclain scores on your midterm
3)the people were moved by a mclain to wal-mart
4)a mclain built the circuit
5)the man was filled with mclain
6)the mongeni was stopped when a mclain appeared
mclain is also referred to as “mcdonalds lame-o” or “mclame-o”

this is a person who only eats chicken nuggets and is very fat.
the mcdonalds guy j-zzed on your chicken nuggets. =(
mclain is the best guy you will ever meet. he is so funny, even when he tries not to be. he will go out of his way to make sure that every one is always happy.

mclain never gets mad, he always looks at the bright side of things and is always positive.

mclain has the best voice you’ve ever heard, he loves to sing and he is really good at it. mclain will always make you feel happy when your feeling down.
mclain is very athletic, and is really good at soccer, but chances are he can probably beat you in anything else too.

mcain has curly hair that some what resembles napoleon dynamite. he’s got a smile that radiates everywhere, and eyes that shine like no other. he’s a good kisser, and the perfect guy for a lucky girl. the girl that gets his love is the most lucky girl on this earth. he is such a pleaser and ladies man. he knows exactly how to treat and talk to a girl.
hey mclain!

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