a good -ss sandwich from mcdonalds with barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles.
“the mcrib is back”
“we gotta go get it before its gone.”
(verb) to be tempted to engage in a fast, messy, momentarily gratifying encounter with a sporadic visitor who is in town for a short time. to cause someone to consider a s-xual opportunity primarily because of its limited availability.
dude, why’d you hook up with that one girl who transferred?

i dunno. she said she was only back for the weekend, and that she didn’t know if she’d ever be here again after that. i couldn’t resist.

man, you got mcribbed.
s-xual manuever performed between a man and a woman while in the bathroom of a mcdonald’s restaurant. while riding a female “doggie-style” the male begins to knukle punch his female counterpart on both sides of her rib cage. though this act may sound painful it intended to provide an expression of love.
linda told me not to cover her in barbecue sauce while i was giving her the mcribb.
when you cr-p yourself with pieces of cr-p and juice between your b-tt checks. not unlike a mcdonalds mcrib which is just pork and bbq sauce between two buns.
i had to go diarrhea when i sneezed and gave myself a mcrib.
nastiest item to ever grace mcdonald’s menu. a piece of dog t-rd molded into a rib shape, slathered in the poorest excuse for barbecue sauce ever conceived, and with pickles and onions on top.
i ate the mcrib at mcdonald’s and now i have aids
deep v-g-n-l/-n-l/oral penetration
last night, i mcribbed mary so hard last night, she lost her voice in the morning.

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