common nomenclature for 3,4-methylenedioxy-amphetamine. related to mdma (ecstasy) but different, at least effects-wise. basically it’s like rolling but much less tactile (usually no full body -rg-sms like x), and less empathetic and lovey-dovey. on the other hand, it gives a powerful feeling of euphoria and bliss, gives you some crazy visuals, and enhances music to an insane degree. the music enhancement is the reason that some djs prefer it to mdma. most often found in commercial ecstasy pills, p-ssed off as mdma. occasionally some lone-wolf chemist will make a bunch for themselves and their friends.
mda, i can see the music.
mda stands for m-ff divers -ssociation. they were a group of bad–ss f-ckers from upstate new york in the 1980″s. also known as the “mda hardcore unit” . leader was rudy, a legendary m-th- who would host epic parties. the membership were all best friends who would party hard, but always had each other’s back. rip rudy! no m-ff too tough, we dive at five!
when is the next mda party?
mysp-ce display of affection. when one flaunts their lover all over their mysp-ce. the word usually denotes clinginess (as does pda). signs that you have too much mda:
1.) your headline has their name and/or date.
2.) you have one or more pictures of just them, from his/her mysp-ce, not taken with/by you.
3.) you say something universal and cliche like “i love him so much, he’s my world, he’s always there for me, i can’t live without him.
4.) you have more pictures of you too than pictures of just you or you with other friends.
me: holy cr-p, they’ve only been dating for 3 hours and brad’s number 1 on sam’s top 8, even before sam’s sister beth!
random bystander: definitely a case of mda.
stands for

display of

used when a person leaves an affectionate comment on mysp-ce
“aww ur so sweet, isnt mysp-ce awesome?”
stands for mysterious drinking accidents, occuring after a heavy night of irresponsible drinking. one awakens the next day to find bruises, scr-pes, cuts, etc. and no recollection of how they got there.
“i have this huge bruise on my arm, but i have no idea where it came from. must be an mda from last nite.”

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