can be a very rare name of someone who is beautiful, artistic(amazing photographer), usually brown haired, smart, loving, and unique.

she usually loves to read, and party.
guy 1: “i met this really cool girl last night. her name was beautiful, and unique. it was meadow.”

guy 2: “i want to get me some of meadow. like dammmn.”
the state of relationship that is not considered official but is to the benefit of both partic-p-nts who are comfortable with not having the physical contact that a real relationship provides. they are comfortable with where they are even though they do not own a t-tle as being together.
mah home girl regina is in the meadows right now.
verb – forcing someone under your wing at the work place in order to obtain a promotion. the common symptoms include stealing ideas from other co-workers, pushing your own ideas, exaggerating mistakes that your compet-tion makes, taking credit for work that someone else did, and hiring people who you know you can boss around as well as will cover your -ss when you make a mistake, presurring your compet-tion to quit, lastly but most importantly, making sure you are you bosses favorite employee.
man, i’m totally going to meadows the new guy – i’m looking to make -ssistant to the manager next review!
a tall guy with curly locks that is secretly jewish or muslim, cause hes circ-mcised, big bushy eyebrows, little mustache, doesnt shave often and likes oxford united.
meadows is coming, duck!
a syntax of tony sapranos’ daughter that pinb-lls around the oar demanding attention and affirmation as top gash.
inspector i: hey what’s up meadow?
meadow: how does my hiney look in these jeans? rub my back.

inspector i: go see joe meadow.
meadow: don’t call me meadow. you’re weird
meadow is the best in the land everyone loves her because she cares for everyone she never cares what they say about her she is also very open minded she loves her family very very much and friends if she has a important man in her life she treats him well and he is very lucky to have her she always has a tight relationship because she always love them and if not she will tell.
guy dammm that girl is look fine

guy 2 i wanna get me some of that.
guy 3 i wanna get me some of that meadow 😘😘

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