Meat Suppressor

meat suppressor meet sə présser (noun)
meat suppressing meet sə préssing(adj)

1) a person who has intentions of interfering with, or to physically/verbally interfere with a person who is conversing with, getting acquainted with, or hooking up with the opposite s-x.

2) a person who knowingly destroys opportunities for friends to find relationships/s-xual hookups due mostly to jealously, or mainly just to be an -sshole.

3) also known as c-ck blocking or to c-ck block
1) joey was sitting down at the bar talking to a girl. and when it was noticed that they were having a great time and hitting it off, lisa came over and b-tted in and starting asking joey if they were going to leave soon cause lisa was bored. she is such a meat suppressor.

2) i met this amazing girl last night, and after a couple hours we decided to go back to my house to get to know each other better. we’re about get it on and my roommate came into the living room and started watching tv. it was apparent that my roommate was meat suppressing me.

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