true friends: the best friends in the whole wide world. people don’t view them as athletic or pretty. people view meepas as total weirdos in the world. however, these other people will never know how pretty meepas are on the inside. they are funny, kind, loving friends who will always give a shoulder to cry on. they love each other no matter what or how weird they are.
caroline, andrea, kyla, ellie, evie, emma, and rachel are meepas. they are true friends that everyone else thinks are complete weirdos.
means soul mate or everlasting partner in the forgotten language.
person 1- are you my meepa?

person 2- yes i am <3 whatever, no problem, no sh-t. pedro- jose, your mother's vag is saggier than my dog's jowels. jose- meepa, she's a wh-r-.

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