mega fagget

mega faet is term used to describe a man who is supper g-y or you dont like that person.
hay abby ure a mega f-gget-levi;)

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  • campfire w*lly

    a person that always tells stories that arnt true,a person that is speaking tall tales to gain un earned recognition,only to gain attention and be heard this campfire w-lly mf never shuts the f-ck up…lol

  • crowin

    a small man, with little t-st-cl-s, and long p-b-s. his bosses told him what to do, he was a n-body. he was the crowin of his establishment.

  • kayfers

    an australian slang term referring to kentucky fried chicken (kfc). pr-nounced and spelled phonetically, though alternative spellings could be: kfers lets grab some kayfers f-ck yeah, grab me a zinger box and a gobucket

  • stereosit

    a stereotypical situation or circ-mstance being forced to take a younger sibling with you, when it sucks, it’s a typical stereosit. stereotypical but with circ-mstance rather than cl-ssification.

  • captan

    man with a perfect personality and has a humongous p-n-s, like 3 foot long wow he is such a captan

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