being as delicious as mels
that chicks -ss is melalicious!

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  • michael bay drinking game

    simply watch a michael bay movie with a group of friends, and every time there’s an explosion, you take a shot. the last person alive wins. me and some buddies watched transformers 2 last night drinking shots and tried the michael bay drinking game and i was the only survivor. they will sadly be missed.

  • walmart rage

    the rage one gets from being in a walmart. comes from trying to find ways around the fat people who stop in the middle of aisles to talk, kids running around aimlessly, people pulling out unexpectedly into aisles with their carts, long checkout lines, etc. my walmart rage kicked in when the white-trash standing in […]

  • mildrey

    1) a female canine animal, especially a dog. you f-ck-ng mildrey

  • northfaced

    drinking excessive quant-ties of generic alcohol (ex. budlight and captain morgan) and proceeding to make a douchebag out of ones self. frat boys and sorority girls are known for getting northfaced! -j-c-l-t-ng onto a face i northfaced this girl after she gave me a bl-w j-b for an hour.

  • ear hook

    pr-nounced “err hook” as in the st. louis regional dialect. meaning is equivalent to eavesdropping with an added level of removal. used primarily by african-american females when discussing social distrust. “girl u know u err hookin’ when u done listened to ma conversation and still got it wrong!”

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