it’s like the “followers” of the artist marshmello

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  • weenie syndrome

    when your friends want to hangout with you but you don’t want to for no good reason or because you have “excuses” that aren’t worthy of ditching your friends. man that kendall girl is suffering from weenie syndrome tonight

  • highway pig

    a larger 4 door sedan with plenty of power. ideal for cruising on large stretches of highway. especially american and german highways. the 2003 bmw 540 is my favorite highway pig.

  • fartpedo

    being 100% confident with yourself that you need to fart, so you push as hard as you can to do the best fart possible. but instead of farting, you shoot sh-t at a fast speed directly into ones underwear. “may i please be excused from the dinner table” “yeah sure aunty tayla, are you alright?” […]

  • hanger onner

    someone who clings to successful people, like a leach. usually an acquaintance. if finley were to become a famous, i would be a hanger onner for sure.

  • gatha

    happiest girl in the world. hard worker and queen bee. gathas are independent women who have a very unorthodox personality. guy:dude i think i’m in love. friend: are you sure? if she’s not a gatha then it’s not worth it.

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