the process in which a meme is animated, or turned into a gif.
using memeination we can turn this lame meme into a dank gif.

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  • devean

    mexican boy who lives off of d-ck tacos. i saw devean making tacos.

  • queenbehavior

    when you were born to be an iconic queen and everything you do or say is just you being a queenb and keeping it real at all time. marwa: ” tiffany is always busy but at least she’s always keeping it real and genuine with me.” kiki: “girl i know! tiff is queen. obvi! she’s […]

  • tasted purple

    the feeling you get in your brain after you’ve hit your head on something hard, usually the back of the head. i fell of my skateboard and hit my head so hard i tasted purple.

  • hit this head

    suck this d-ck or eat this p-ssy what we gone do if i come? you can hit this head.

  • nesla

    a car that ppl mistake of a telsa george: yo, you should go buy a nesla. frank:what the f-ck is a nesla?

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