a person who partakes in the art of communicating via memes.
brett is a natural memeist.

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  • mexican teacup

    when a man stretches his scr-t-m and bevels it in so it creates a cup. said cup is filled with a liquor of choice. liquor is then dumped into the recipients mouth like a shot gl-ss. alyssa was straight turnt last night. she was doing mad mexican teacups!

  • miles teller

    miles teller is an actor known for divergent and fantastic four. he portrays peter in divergent and is one of the villains. did you see miles teller in divervent?

  • molly mule

    a female that seemingly continues to become impregnated over and over again. may also be refered to a fertile myrtle. molly mules typically have 3 or more children and usually reproduce right after the last c section has healed. i can’t believe my brother fell for carla. i warned him she’s a molly mule. now […]

  • momspeak

    when your mom repeats back something she heard and gets it all wrong. again, jack corrected her, “no mom, twitter allows 40 characters, not 400!” then he glanced at zoe and said, “momspeak!” as they laughed under their breath.

  • netfleeks

    when the episode you just watched on netflix was really good. man, orange is the new black was on netfleeks last night.

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