an individual who demonstrates a high level of proficiency at creating and promoting memes. (created by highly respected professor, dr. d. millinoff)
ex. he is a memeiter.
ex. @ayylmao.jpeg

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  • interweebz

    the people of interwebz. the active members of internet. everyone from communities like 4chan, tumblr. etc can be included in this definition. interweebz can be the most savage people you’ll ever meet.

  • boudit

    something cool or nice a compliment ” those shoes are boudit”

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    the hoe everyone needs to know very well. she got that brujeria straight outta venezuela with a bad att-tude and will roast you so hard like the cubans do to a pig when they break out the caja china with no second thought. steer clear of all nittaya’s, contact may be fatal. oh my good […]

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    when yo see a message but don’t give a f-ck enough to reply, but wanna let them know you’ve seen it person1: blabs about bullsh-t person2: . person1: oh h-ll no n-gg- you did not just do that get fullstopped kid

  • valrhona pearl

    percolating b-tt nuggets wrapped in dark chocolate. so you have to eat a lot of grains beforehand. ok. there were valrhona pearls as big as strawberries popping out of her @$&?.

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