the potential for something to become a meme. i.e “meme potential”
jennifer: your face in that picture has memetential

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  • alaskan sardines

    an alaskan sardine is a s-xual act of freezing large amounts of s-m-n in tubular popsicle trays, then using this “c-msicle” as a toy for masturbation the p-rn stars are now starting a trend called “alaskan sardines.”

  • igendify

    the act if identifying somone’s gender guy: hey girl, whats up? feminist: did you just igendify me?

  • denoth

    a person usually with gl-sses he is very good at maths and is very quick woah are u friends with denoth he is very good at maths

  • stupid ana

    a stupid b-tch.they are always compline about stuff,and they are not smart you stupid ana

  • testosterbro

    your buddy who comes along with you to the “all female” event you got stuck attending i can’t believe i got roped into going to a baby shower. thank god my testosterbro came and brought beer!

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