memulous is a youtuber who takes the p-ss out of people.
memeulouse is a youtuber

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  • jacob stripling

    promising to update the office with a word of the day (aka wotd) but failing miserably. this word is to keep the office entertained and keep them from killing themselves. again this week, he jacob stripling ed… i’m not mad, but i am extremely disappointed…

  • boogitz

    when boog leaves #tboe boog: “oooohhhhhh im outta herrrrreeeee” snippy: “where did booog go?” yb: “i dont know, i think he left” snippy: ” he boogitz”

  • f*cktard fatherf*cker

    the opposite of dumb mother f-cker . the. 2017 version of ” mother f-cker ” you are a f-cktard fatherf-cker!

  • garabito

    a surname for someone who has a really big d-ck. oh man, you really are a garabito

  • korean weaboo

    a weaboo but instead obsessed with j-panese culture is instead addicted to korean culture(usually the south one) korean weebs are usually,in addition to anime, love k-pop even though they have 0 understanding of the language and socialize with other weebs. beware of the korean weebs. they are coming plz guy 1-those people are singing some […]

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