[ memo ] ness

the essence of being a memo
that memo is full of memo ness, such a tard.

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  • the tone-gay effect

    this mental condition is commonly found in the rarest of cases. the first known case was discovered by accident in 1876 by william harrington beckett iv on an expedition around the world. the side effects can be (but are not limited to): 1. creating social situations that never actually happened for attention, i.e. being “spiked” […]

  • analphylaxis

    noun. the feeling that you will suffer an acute allergic reaction to an -n-l insertion (e.g. a bee sting). thanks for the offer but i must politely decline your offer as i suffer from -n-lphylaxis.

  • maganomics

    a political stance where only your own values and beliefs matter. maga=(make america great again) donald j. trump has displayed an acute affection for maganomics.

  • chromulon

    big heads in the sky from rick and morty the chromulons asked “show me what you got?”

  • muscle tourist

    someone who works out and gets super buff and stays that way for a little while until inevitably they return to their fat state! bro check out john he is so fat now! yeah turns out he just a muscle tourist.

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