Memphis Dry Rub

a memphis dry rub is when you partner gives you a hand job without the courtesy of using a petrolium product for lube..
b-tch grabbed my johnson like a cow udder, and gave me a memphis dry rub and didn’t even hock a loogie on it first. felt like she was going rub it off like an eraser. at least she took the three warning shots over the tower.
when a guy who is circ-mcised gets a hand job from a girl with dry hands and no sort of lubrication, making the handie very painful and eventually causing a rash
guy #1: how’d it go with mindy last night??!
guy #2: terrible
guy #1: what? i thought you got beat off
guy #2: yeah but she had dry hands and we had no lube so she gave me a memphis dry rub and now my d-ck stings like h-ll
1. when a girl gives a poor quality hand job.

2. blisters gained from a very dry/rough hand job.
dude 1.
“so i watched you leave with that chick last night.”

dude 2.
“yea it turned into a memphis dry rub.”
commonly believed to be a style in which to prepare ribs, popularized by the restaurant chili’s, the memphis dry rub is actually a s-xual act. it involves the male rubbing his erect p-n-s along the ribs of a female. this is enhanced with a skinny female, where a rhythmic sound similar to a xylophone can be achieved.
“yeah, i wanted her to give me a blow-job, but settled for a memphis dry rub when i saw that skinny chick’s ribs.”
when a woman gives you a handjob using sandpaper as a glove. the idea is that through the intense pain, your adrenaline kicks in and releases the missing endorphins to make you feel good. then you cope with a bleeding d-ck.
half my d-ck is missing after that memphis dry rub. i have to p–p.
when a toothless southern woman gives you a handjob with no lube.
” i met this chick at an elvis convention in tennessee and she ended up giving me a memphis dry rub in the front seat of my truck”

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