memphis underground

☠ memphis underground:

underground gangsta rap from memphis, tennessee consisting of gritty production, vulgar vocals, horrorcore, devil sh-t, pimp sh-t, a lo-fi atmosphere, and synth instrumentals. the style arose in the mid→late 1980’s. it began with d.j. spanish fly, and thrived in the 1990’s with triple 6 mafia, gimisum family, frayser click, street smart records, playa posse, trauma center killaz, orange juice clique, graveyard productions, darkside click, 187 family, big pimping productions, willett klick, criminal mafia, 1-9-6 clique, the family, the 2nd family, north memphis playa click, 2 thick, 3.m.k. & many other artists.
the memphis underground scene consists of d.j. spanish fly, tommy wright iii, d.j. paul, lord infamous, shawty pimp, yo gottii, m.c. money, gangsta gold, and many other rappers.

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