the inflation of a name used in your vocabulary when talking; usually at the beginning stages of dating someone. mentionitis is when you can’t stop mentioning someone.
h: “these are great cookies”
s: “matt likes cookies”
h: “so i was looking at something online…”
s: “i got a cool link from matt, lets check it out.”
h: “so…”
s: “matt blah blah blah matt matt matt”
h: “whoa you have a strong case of mentionitis”
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giving away the fact one has a crush by frequently mentioning the crush object in an “innocent” context.
mentionitis as a warning sign:
“boyfriend: let’s go see movie x
girlfriend: oh, tony from the office saw that and liked it!

boyfriend: how about pizza?
girlfriend: sure, i saw tony from the office having slice and am now craving one.

girlfriend: i am leaving you for tony from the office”
the disease of constant obnoxious name-dropping etc.
katie: yo, i was just at manhattan beach yesterday…it was so nice.
wes: oh yeah, i went there last week with a friend who parties with eddie van halen’s drug dealer….
katie: ewww. you’re hideous.

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