mercury fulminate

an explosive. not meth.
“this is not meth.” – walter white from breaking bad just before blowing the h-ll out of tuco’s place with mercury fulminate.
mercury fulminate is a primary explosive. it is highly sensitive to friction, heat and shock. its main use is blasting caps, which was discovered by alfred n-bel, although it was first discovered by howard.

it can be prepared by mixing alcohol (18 parts) with a solution prepared by action of concentrated nitric acid (60 parts) on mercury (1 part). the solution is slightly heated and maintained below 60°c. after a couple of minutes a reaction happens that heats the solution.

the fumes should not be breathed since they are toxic. soon, mercury fulminate precipitates. the product has to be washed with water until no trace of acid remains. the manipulation of mercury fulminate is quite safe, provided that it remains humid.
mercury fulminate, that’s the stuff…

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