meta fail

failing at failing.
man: you fale, b-tch!
girl: you misspelled fail. meta fail!
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the failure to properly describe an act of failure. meta-failure cannot be ‘failure to fail’, because this implies that the act in question is a success. likewise, attempts to define ‘meta fail’ as a level of failure above ‘epic fail’ make a category mistake: both ‘failure’ and ‘meta failure’ are nouns to which the adjective ‘epic’ could be applied.
the previous two definitions of ‘meta fail’ in this article.
a fail that is not achievable by most people. contrary to popular belief epic failure is not the highest form of failure, meta failure is. if you ever achieve meta failure you should a)kill yourself and do the world a favor b)never again partake in the activity that you achieved meta failure in as long as you live
examples: bush, enron, antarctica.

person 1: “dude, that girl just choked on air”
person 2: “meta fail”

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