a small city in northern indiana, also known as mishawaka. this city gained its name due to everybody in the neighboring city south bend moving over to mishawaka out from the rocks that they lived under. since then even though the city has spent a lot of money on new parks it does not help the fact that a lot of the meth addicts are on corners whoring them selves off for not cocaine not meth or even money but nine times out of 10 if you find a wh-r- on the corner all you have to do is pay them and chicken nuggets and they will do anything you want. that is not a joke if you buy someone a 20 pack of mcdonald’s chicken nuggets a crackhead will have your child to and if you give them just five they will give you the best gummed bl-w j-b you’ll ever have. if you do not want to deal with sc-mbags crack wh-r-s and meth addict’s avoid this place like the plague.
person number one: what is that city over there is that elkhart?

person number two: no man that is methawaka don’t go there, their woman’s gums got the herpagonacyphilaids

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