verb; meth-stir-bay-shun

a marathon masturbation session, often lasting several hours at a time, while under the influence of large amounts of illegal controlled substances, specifically crystal methamphetamine.

a drug-specific variation of drugsturbation. other examples include: e.g., cialisturbation, mdmasturbation, etc.

in all cases, obsessive masturbation is the primary activity while the drug use facilitates the abnormal duration of the event. therefore it is not to be confused with similarly named activities (e.g.,talksturbation, guitarsturbation, complainsturbation, whistlesturbation, etc.) wherein the verb or noun indicated by the prefix is the primary activity and is done at great length for the subject’s sole amus-m-nt, often at the expense or annoyance of others.

also: methsturbate, methsturbating, methsturbated, methsturbates, etc.
sorry, i can’t go in to work today, i methsturbated for 7 hours last night and i think i pulled something.

i was going to write that report but i ended up methsturbating all night instead. i think i should take a nap. (methsturbates more)

man, i’m so sore from all that


mom, i told you to knock when i’m methsturbating.

i’ll be right there lemme just finish up this methsturbation real quick. (9 hours later sends texts, “hey.”)

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