Mexican Hookshot

when the chick is lying on her back on top of the guy’s stomach (guy is on his back as well), then the guy f-cks her from behind but flips his d-ck over her crotch and into her forbidden zone in a hook motion.
b-tch 1: oh my god, s-x with chris was unbelievable..

b-tch 2: aww d-mnnn girllll, how was it??
b-tch 1: that n-gg- knows how to treat a girl & he knows so much sh-t, i liked the mexican hookshot. he invented it, ya dig?
b-tch 2: girl, i gotta get me some fine -ss up in this joint so ima try dat sh-t, hoe. but first, ima run to the 7-11 for some rubbers hoe, peace up.

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