being drunk while in mexico , or eating mexican food while drunk
d-mn i can’t believe we’re in cabo , let’s get mexidrunk

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  • v*g*n* sap

    the white v-g-n- sap that comes out of your ugly -ss underwhere “don’t touch that milk with your v-g-n- sap smelly fingers”

  • build the foundations

    the first step before you can lay the pipe. jeff: man, i want to f-ck her so bad. steve: slow down man. first, you gotta build the foundations, then you can lay the pipe.

  • g*ylivator

    elevators that play g-y music. “i got stuck in the g-ylivator and now i have bieber fever.”

  • elephant flop

    when you’re naked and you jump up and down and your p-n-s looks like an elephant trunk, and the testies are the ears. me and my friends all elephant flopped when we found out that i got into college!

  • janthini

    a short , goodlooking dude , a ladies man , and a funny person a angel you act just like j’anthini.

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