a misspelling of an unknown word.
commonly found in text messages along with words like fayce(face), meh(my), and frans(friends).

in text
“if u have a prblm say it to meh fayce, mgmjn”
in speaking.
“dude, what the f-ck is a mgmjn?”

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  • midgitler

    a combination of midget and hitler. describes a tyrannical boss or supervisor who is also a dwarf. he: “that little -sshole supervisor who makes the weekly schedule is making us work sat-rday!” me: “what a f-cking midgitler!”

  • Spokeo

    to look up someone whose name or email address you know i just spokeo’d that chick to m-st-rb-t- over old mysp-ce pictures that the girl you’re stalking forgot to set to private man, i’m totally going to spokeo over harrison’s mom tonight. a verbal form of a typo. that’s the first time i’ve won everything, […]

  • the stickey sneek

    when a person proedes to pick there nose as if no one sees and wipes it under and seat,table,persons hair ect… i was in cl-ss and i had to pull out the stickey sneek cuz my nose was itchin soo bad!

  • bimofo

    1. a m-f- of large proportions a.k.a a big one 2. a m-f- that goes both ways 1. that guy in the green mile is a bim-f-. 2. the girl in the pr0n flick is a bim-f-.

  • Bare peng

    beyond the ordinary reaches of ‘pengness.’ used to describe a person of either gender, who is typically out of everybody’s league verging on unattainable. positive modifier of ‘peng.’ boy/girl: wish i could get on that, he/she is looking bare peng tonight, wouldn’t you agree?

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