mia velasquez

mia is a unique person. she has many good qualities like making you feel better when you are down! she is very nice and kind and a good friend. if you are one of her best friends you are one of the luckiest people ever! she always wants to hang out and chat. she would never get in a fight with you for no reason. she is smart and intelligent but sometimes slow. she is very gorgeous, her hair is so s-xy other girls would die for it. she always makes up for bad decisions and always leaves you with a smile. oh and her eye oh my her eyes they are the most beautiful eyes ever to exist on the planet earth. she makes you wanna make an article like this on her saying how gorgeous and beautiful she is. if you have seen a mia you are so lucky. other girls would die to look and be like a mia. the reason i am writing this is that it’s all true and people need to know that a mia is one of the most special people on the planet and that if you meet a mia never ever leave them. <3 mia velasquez is the best person ever

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