michael horton

that guy who sits at the computer next to you every day in cl-ss. he makes you laugh when he talks about anything and he’s good at applying memes and gifs to any life situation.
michael horton is so funny!

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  • jack n jack

    masturbating while eating food from jack in the box (preferably those sh-tty tacos.) james: hey bro, you doing anything this sat-rday? julio: probably gonna get baked and then jack n’ jack.

  • hold your own nuts

    when someone is using you, your name, or your cause to advance their own agenda instead of standing on their own without you they are not “holding their own nuts” and are holding someone else’s nuts. telling someone to “hold your own nuts” mean to stand on their own two feet–not stand on the shoulders […]

  • dazardous

    the combination of the words dangerous and hazardous. drinking can become a dazardous task

  • swimming with the fishs

    mean one who is dead and body is dumped in a body of water with fish jimmy: ” tony where’s carl?” tony: “carl is swimming with the fishs.”

  • sleep tight pupper

    sleep tight pupper is a term used for gabe the dog or any popular dog meme on the internet, in which the dog is small, and usually indicates said pupper has p-ssed. did you hear gabe the dog died. yeah… everyone should say sleep tight pupper before they sleep tonight.

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