Michael Joseph Jackson

a victim of many things; health induced or media induced

1982 produces thriller alb-m, largest selling all time, sells over 50 million copies worldwide; 1984 won 8 grammy awards for it.

1983 performs legendary moonwalk for the first time on the motown 25 years anniversary show.

12/9/84 announces at the jackson’s victory tour, he was splitting from the jacksons and going solo

1987 releases bad, his third solo alb-m, and lauches a record breaking solo world tour.

late 1980s named artist of the decade for his thriller and bad alb-ms

1991 signs with sony music, largest ever recording contract; releases his fourth solo alb-m, dangerous

1992 tours the world; taking his concerts to countries to which he was the first rock/pop artist they saw.

later that year founded heal the world foundation to help globally improve the lives of children across.

1994 marries lisa marie presley; divorces 1996

1995 releases fifth solo alb-m history; tours again over 2 years.

during that tour 11/14/96 marries debbie rowe; a nurse he met in the treatment of his skin pigment disorder.

2/13/97 fathers prince michael joseph jackson jr.

1997 releases remix alb-m blood on the dance floor

5/3/98 fathers paris michael katherine jackson

september 2001 celebrates 30th anniversary as a solo artist at two concerts to be held in new york, usa, reuniting with siblings to perform their biggest hits.
rip michael joseph jackson august 29, 1958- june 25, 2009

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