michigan tech

engineering school located in michigan’s upper peninsula. students with the brains of mit students but because of a poor guy/girl ratio they kill off all the smart cells with m-ssive amounts of alochol.
“yeah i went to michigan tech once, i cant remember what happened”

“michigan technological university, out drinking you since 1885”
where it’s hard to get good grades,
but even harder to get a girlfriend.
michigan tech’s new ratio is 4 to 1? screw it, i’ve got math to do…
where the men are men

and so are the women.
“at michigan tech, women need the extra girth and facial hair to keep warm.”
the place where, as a female, people always -ssume there are available men because of the 4:1 ratio of males to females. what they fail to realize however is the fact that the “odds are good but the goods are odd”. the average male at michigan tech could be seen walking across campus with animals living in their beards or in deep discussion about the newest video game. although there are good guys available, they are difficult to find as they came to college with a long distance relationship already at hand and walk around in misery. does distance really make the heart grow fonder?
“oh how are you still single! there are lots of men up there arent there? it is an engineering school!”

“oh but its michigan tech, where the odds are good but the goods really are odd”

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