Midget Snare

(noun) a tool used to aid in the collection of midgets and or all other small creatures with the intent to steal human souls.
after watching a female midget steal the soul from a helpless child i took quick action. i noticed the midget was heading due west so i used my normal legs, which enabled to move much faster, and went ahead of the midgets path. i quickly set up the midget snare and jumped behind a bush. as the midget ran her little foot entered the small loop laid on the ground. the 20 pound fishing line quickly tighted around the creatures leg and with a snap, launched her into the air. she was whiplashed back down and swung with nothing but fear in her eyes. it was the best example of a midget snare ever. as she dangled in the air waving those little arms attempting to free herself i ran out and beat the midget with a stick. after 4 strong hits she released the childs soul and gave up all hope. i put her in my midget collection bag and went on my way to return the childs soul.

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