the mikoyan-gurevich mig-17,(nato reporting name “fresco”) was a cold war subsonic jet fighter developed from the mig-15, was first produced in the ussr in 1952 and still finds use in 3rd world countries today, mig-17s first saw combat in the second taiwan straight crisis, and proved to be a worthy opponent against more modern supersonic fighters of the u.s in the vietnam war. its top speed was mach 0.93, at 3,000 metres (1,145kph/712mph), the climb rate was 65m/s (12,800 ft/min), and had a thrust to weight ratio of 0.63. the armament of a mig-17 varied, from 2 23mm nudelmann-rikhter nr-23 autocannons, with 80 rounds per gun, and 1 37mm nudelmann n-37 autocannon with 40 rounds, or 3 nudelmann-rikhter nr-23 autocannons, with 80 rounds per gun, and 2 kaliningrad k-5 beam riding air to air missles. 35 countries operated the mig-17 or variants of it, and most still use them to this day.
mig-17’s were very good aircraft for their time, and even beyond it.

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