a quiet woman that has a loud mind and an amazing body. she is one of the funniest people you will ever meet, a woman with the name mikalyn is most likely a goddess, always respect her, treat her like the queen she is. mikalyns also tend to have a bad temper and can sometimes be a little bit crazy, just dont get on her bad side. mikalyns are hilarious, often laughing at everything.
mikalyn is so perfect, d-mnn

why is mikalyn laughing?

sh-t, it is always the quiet one
a woman who is like a goddess, many men find her extremely attractive, shes a real babe. she is also silly although has a habit of laughing at her own jokes. mikalyn is intelligent and kind also has a very big heart and is caring, perfect mother material. if you know a mikalyn keep her close because she will help you in life and is loyal. mikalyn will always make you smile.
guy 1: do you know mikalyn ?

guy 2: yes! shes a really woman
pervert. thinks zach is so freakin awesome, because he’s the best person in the whole freakin world. (; –beautiful– very nice! hilarious. is mean to zach. zach’s girlfriend. special. likes to makes awesome signs. super obsessed with manginas. (; zach loves her. <3 mikalyn likes manginas!

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