a term used whenever you take a bong rip and inhale so much smoke that you instantly get stoned.
“man, you just milked that bong. i bet you’re fried.”
a women that rides the d-ck untill u c-m tighten up and milked the c-ck
that b-tch milked me for ever last drop
when a smoking device is filled enough with smoke to where it looks like it is filled with milk.
that sh-ts completely milked.
when someone takes a joke too far, and it is no longer funny.
guy 1 – haha dude your so feaking queer xd

guy 2 – so… your nans got webbed feet ^^

guys 2’s friend – yeaa feet and they’re all cheesy and crusty! hahahahaha

guy 2 – ……you milked it…. -.-
to be drained of money, bought something too expensive.
joe: how much you buy that game?
bob: $100
joe: you got milked
bob: thanks
when you go to get cereal and you pour it then find out you have no milk.
todd: hey want some cereal ?

jake: sure

” pours cereal” . ” opens fridge, no milk.”

todd: we just got milked
verb; a word used to exaggerate a situation.
girl: sam is so hot haha and really s-xy.
boy: thats great.
girl: but seriously, hes like -rg-smic
boy: ohk this is getin weird lets not talk about it.
girl: but omg hes so perfect and hot.
boy: stop! its so weird!
girl: haha finally you cracked, and yee i kinda milked it.
to manipulate someone into a gong show.
jack woods got milked last night

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