fancy word for crack
i hope i don’t over-dose on milktonium at this party tonight.

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  • crab scout

    a girl that’s so promiscuous it’s like she goes looking for an std. rhianna is a dirty crab scout.

  • c*ck toking

    sucking c-ck; puffing on c-ck; hog smoking jessica is into c-ck toking!

  • milky pickle

    the act of jerking off on an unknowing persons burger then putting pickles over the love puddle to hide it. joe was very p-ss-d off when he noticed the guys served him a milky pickle.

  • watchership

    the number of people watching a tv; viewership. the tv station has a large watchership.

  • minhhaongnguyen

    1. lazy piece of cr-p 2. slow. too d-mn slow and his breath stinks 3. he doesn’t care about anything or anyone, not even dobes 4. i hate you ugly, toothless, smelly kak dumb = minhoangnguyen

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