Millenium Dome

a slang word for a wonder bra. this is because it looks big and impressive from the outside and will cost you a fortune to get inside it. but once you actually get inside nothing else awaits but disappointment!
shes wearing a millenium dome.
hey check out the md over there
in a nutsh-ll a ‘wonderbra’.
looking from the outside everything looks big and exciting, much like the millenium dome.
but once inside you’re m-ssively disappointed, and soon realise that it’s nothing you’re going to be writing home to your mates about.
bloke 1: epic knockers!
bloke 2: it’s a farce, they’re millenium domes.
t-ts that look good from the outside, turn out to be nothing but fried eggs underneath the push up bra.
check out the millenium domes on her.

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