[a-lek-sahn-druh] /a lɛkˈsɑ̃ drə/ (show ipa), 1859–1943, president of france 1920–24.
historical examples

this impression many socialist workingmen had, and the “case millerand” strengthened it in them.
syndicalism in france louis levine

after the expulsion of millerand, the two parties united in 1905 at rouen.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

when millerand was first asked to take a cabinet portfolio his friend jaurès told him to accept.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

the congress was composed largely of friends of millerand and jaurès.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

guesde, present at the banquet, approved and “applauded” the definition of socialism given by millerand.
syndicalism in france louis levine

the socialists made it plain that millerand’s procedure was not socialism.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

to this millerand added lay and official members and greatly increased its efficiency.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

the millerand episode left a deep impression on the public mind.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

millerand took great care to perfect the organization of trade unions.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

millerand’s activity had taken the fear out of their hearts.
socialism and democracy in europe samuel p. orth

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