a cool cat lady with ridiculous ambitions and funny

often mistaken for the urban dictionary definition of ‘millie’ – this is only partially true for the good looking bit
likes colours
and is more of a tea drinker than coffee or anything else for that matter – tea only – tea for life
likes their name to be spelt correctly or h-ll
waiter:”hi, how can i take your order?”
millie-rose: “i’ll have a pot of tea, please”
waiter: “oh, haha, you must be a millie-rose!”
millie-rose: “oh yes, i am, since birth.”
waiter: “i like that name”
millie-rose: “me too”
waiter: “what kind of tea do you want?”
millie-rose: “any you’ve got”
waiter: “english breakfast it is..”
millie-rose: “thanks”
waiter says: “that’s my favourite”
millie-rose: “we should hook”


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