a(lan) a(lexander) 1882–1956, english novelist, playwright, and author of prose and verse for children.
historical examples

a sentry tried to stop us from meeting, but milne took no notice of him, and we shook hands.
the escaping club a. j. evans

milne is growing old and frail like myself, and i will need to spare her all i can.
allison bain margaret murray robertson

dr. milne -sserts that ningpo is 10,000 years old, and that the pagoda was raised antecedent to the city being built.
borneo and the indian archipelago frank s. marryat

the n-ble labors of milne edwards have brought this to light.
the sea jules michelet

oddly, i was never at all staggered by this theory until now, having read mr. milne’s argument against it.
more letters of charles darwin volume ii charles darwin

then mrs. milne quotes from “parliamentary papers for 1859-76.”
the pacification of burma sir charles haukes todd crosthwaite

according to the view of professor milne, the volcanoes of the kurile chain are fast becoming extinct.
volcanoes: past and present edward hull

“that was how poor milne used to argue,” said hoste gravely.
‘tween snow and fire bertram mitford

milne located the gun, and, crouching on his hands and knees, began to work his way forward.
thirty canadian v. cs., 23d april 1915 to 30th march 1918 theodore goodridge roberts

milne, you may just bet your boots i felt knocked all out of time.
‘tween snow and fire bertram mitford

a(lan) a(lexander). 1882–1956, english writer, noted for his books and verse for children, including when we were very young (1924) and winnie the pooh (1926)

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