my love; a term of endearment. see lovely, sweety, ect.
where are you, milove?

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  • spinaminning

    a punishment which involves spinning one hundred times on a round scooter with a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth. mainly used at camp when counselors fall asleep during activities. ross: guess you learned your lesson never to fall asleep during an activity again? john: i sure did, the spinning mixed with the cinnamon made […]

  • pei wei

    to eat noodles off of somebodys naked stomach. i just want to pei wei that girl! personification of an exhausted p-n-s due to s-xual activity, usually with a girlfriend. pei wei is tired. leave him alone.

  • pegunta

    “pah-goon-tha”(a spanglish word) combining the english word penguin and the spanish word puta. it describes a fat b-tch and referring her or him to a fat penguin. man, i hate that pegunta right there…always trying to steal my boyfriend and borrow my money.

  • peeling his wig

    a slang term to cut a n-gg-s head off sum may think that rivals heads shouldn’t be attached to there body for sumthing they did wrong yo he talkin sh-t …lets start peeling his wig

  • wemus

    the skin located on the top of your knee aka patella. eli’s wemus is ticklish.

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