a word liam, who has three last names but won’t say what they mean, made up
liam: mindspelling is a word!

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  • printer-rape

    (v) to use someone else’s printer without consent, penetrating their hard-drive, climaxing in an -j-c-l-t–n of paper.

  • gamucci

    slang term for getting what you want/getting your way. me and my crew was bout to leave da club but i had to to get dat gamucci.

  • gandouche

    a combination of gandu, a hindi word for an -ssh-l- or idiot, and douche, a shorthand for douchebag. that guy is a gandouche. an insult pertaining specifically to anyone who thinks they are awesome because of their knowledge of lord of the rings, dungeons and dragons, or any other fantasy/mythical information.–combination of gandalf and douchebag […]

  • bosscow

    n. a very strict, bossy female; dragonlady. yo, your wife is a total bosscow.

  • bossked

    bossked is a term used by a trandoshan bounty hunter in the second episode of robot chick star wars. the term is likely the bounty hunters name himself since it’s capitalized as a proper noun. it refers to feats of unarmed combat while fighting multiple armed foes. after avoiding many gunshots and taking out a […]

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