when a person has a b-tt that is inverted compared to their back and legs. it’s the definition of someone with no b-m but even worse. it’s a no b-m that hungry b-mmed the no b-m.
that girl has got a huge set t-ts but below she has a mine-ss.

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  • cole karczewski

    normie that dudes meme sucked, such a cole karczewski

  • profit queen

    someone who is a low key gold digger—often unwilling to admit to being a gold digger when called out. stay away from her; that b-tch is a profit queen.

  • canadian toothbrush

    going down on a woman while she has a full on bush. john went down on me last night and i haven’t shaved in a while…he got the canadian toothbrush.

  • throw it some knuckle

    to m-st-rb-t- to something. student 1: man, our english teacher is so hot! student 2: yeah did you see her new profile picture? student 1: yeah man, i’m gonna throw it some knuckle tonight.

  • upperwear

    upperwear is the wardrobe you create when you work on line or on tv and are only ‘seen’ from the waist up. during video calls and meetings she wore professional looking upperwear, such as blazers with pearls, while at the same wearing jogging pants.

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