a knock off version of counter-strike global offensive on a popular minecraft server call mineplex. minestrike is just like csgo but it is for 6 year olds who lack parent supervision or for try-hards who are too lazy to accully get csgo. the league in minestrike called the minestrike compet-tive league or know as the mscl is like a cult of try-hards with no life or friends and join try-hard teams with try-hard names like final spark or dissension. the mscl is also like communism were if you talk sh-t about the owner you will get blacklisted. blacklisted means you are temporally banned from playing in any compet-tive matches. there are even referees in this cult and it is fairly organized for a bunch sad losers who have nothing better to do.

minestrike is a very compet-tive game and requires lots of skill, no life, and no friends. if you are interested in minestrike i would just buy csgo it is a much better game and you might even make friends (unlike minestrike players). so pick up your mouse and keyboard, put on some pants and game on.
8lives – want to play some minestrike
momeet- no i’m going to go play csgo

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