small fry – one who is swimming out of their depth.
spud came on the stag with us but the minnow wet to bed at about 12!
a term meaning “mini-hoe”. it’s usually a 4th-7th grade girl dressed in abercrombie, uggs, etc. they’re destined to be hoes as big girls.
“she’s 12! she’s not a hoe, she’s a minnow”

“she’s wearing the tightest clothes and she probably just learned how to read, what a minnow”
a term used often with endearment or affection but with the specific purpose of notifying the recipient, that they are either 1) having a blonde moment or 2) need to engage the banter region of the brain or 3) need to get with it!
cool guy: tod you’re such a minnow!
children of the mennonites. known for being very mystical. typical attributes include small body frames, morbid bashfulness and an extreme curiosity towards electronics, most notably, televisions. it is widely accepted that the only way to break the stare of a minnow is to stare back with the intensity of wolverine. thus rendering their power useless.
yesterday, a large group of minnows caught me off guard while i attempted to sell a tv.
is the young guys who date cougars. most are young and need some good s-xin
d-mn i didnt know he was a minnow, that b-tch is twice his age!!
a cat that looks like a doormat when it lays down.
wipe your feet on minnow.
slang term for the cl-toris.
i heard she’s like 6’5″, imagine the size of that minnow!

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