mira loma high school

aka international baccalaureate nerd kingdom -cough- ap sucks -cough-, it doesn’t matter how muscular you are or how cool you seem, at this high school in sacramento it’s all about brainpower and liberal ideals. the mira lomans pride themselves on paving the way for the ib program in the americas with their creative streaks of bs’ing -ssignments and living on intelligentsia inspired smoothies and coffee derived from the arcanum formulas of their national winning science olympiad team. god forbid you might be a below average student or a conservative leaning individual, because you’ll get eaten alive by the prius-driving, science-loving, overachieving hippies at this place. if you have a tumblr, are idealistic, and are questioning your s-xuality, you’ll probably fit right in. the only time brawn trumps brain is during ml’s annual sports-a-rama; a hunger games compet-tion between the cl-sses introduced to ml by la sierra high
that rainbow hair -dyed sjw is probably from mira loma high school

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